David Bowie-featuring 1999 video game ‘The Nomad Soul’ made available for free

Square Enix are giving away the game in memory of Bowie

Computer games company Square Enix are giving away free copies of their 1999 game ‘The Nomad Soul’ in memory of David Bowie.

Bowie contributed to the music on the video game, most of which was taken from his album ‘Hours’. He also played a role in the development of the storyline, and makes cameo appearances within the plot. He appears as both the lead singer of a rebellious band ‘The Dreamers’ and ‘Boz’, a side-character revolutionary. At the time of the game’s release, much of the music Bowie provided for the game had not been released in any other format.

Square Enix posted on Twitter “in memoriam to David Bowie’s legacy, we are giving away free digital copies of his video game, ‘Omrikon: The Nomad Soul’ [the non-EU title of the game], for a limited time only.”

The game will be available for free until next Friday (January 22), using the code given in the company’s tweet, below, though they do include the disclaimer ‘while supplies last’:

Bowie passed away following an 18 month battle with cancer on January 10. Reports have since suggested that he “died from liver cancer” after “surviving six heart attacks”.

Bowie released his final album ‘Blackstar’ on his 69th birthday last week (January 8), just days before passing away.

There has been speculation that Bowie hinted at his illness with his album title, as ‘Blackstar’ is a type of cancer lesion.

UK charts for the week following Bowie’s death were released earlier today, and saw Bowie’s latest ‘Blackstar’ go to number one, while 18 of his other albums reached the top 100. The late singer also had 13 singles in the UK top 100.