Ricky Gervais pays tribute to David Bowie: ‘I’ve never seen a more dignified ending’

Bowie appeared alongside Gervais in 'Extras' in 2006

Ricky Gervais has paid tribute to David Bowie, with whom he worked on his sitcom Extras.

In a eulogy written for The Hollywood Reporter, Gervais talked about his relationship with Bowie before and after they met. Paying particular attention to how Bowie’s music made him feel as a teenager, Gervais says he had to divorce the Bowie he grew up with from the man who would go on to be his friend.

“Our relationship was bizarre and surreal, and I felt so privileged to know him,” Gervais wrote. “I never forgot he was my hero, even when he became my friend. I somehow divorced the two concepts in my head. When I talked to people, I talked about this rock star who changed my whole outlook.”

Adding: “He put my life in colour. He made me believe: You can do anything; you’re a working-class kid in Reading; creativity is freedom. Ability is a poor man’s wealth. I loved everything he did. He never let me down, even at the end. I’ve never seen a more dignified ending.”

As reported, producer Tony Visconti has revealed Bowie was planning to record and release another album after ‘Blackstar’. It was previously suggested in a separate report that there is material leftover from the ‘Blackstar’ sessions which could see a future release.

David Bowie has been cremated in New York according to reports. It is believed he was privately cremated without any friends and family present, as per his wishes. He wanted “to go without any fuss”, a source told two UK newspapers.

He passed away on Sunday (January 10) following an 18 month battle with cancer. Reports have since suggested that he “died from liver cancer” after “surviving six heart attacks”.

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