David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ album sells out on vinyl as copies listed online for £800

Demand for new album increases following singer's death

David Bowie‘s final album ‘Blackstar’ has sold out on vinyl in the UK just four days after being released.

Bowie released his final album ‘Blackstar’ on his 69th birthday last week (January 8). Two days later he passed away.

With ‘Blackstar’ expected to top the charts in both the UK and US this week, The Vinyl Factory reports that the UK first pressing has completely sold out with retailers unable to satisfy the huge increase in demand. It is reported that up to 10,000 vinyl copies of the record have been sold so far.

Vinyl copies of the album are currently out of stock on Amazon and unavailable at Rough Trade’s online shop. Online retailer Norman Records have released a statement telling fans to “expect significant delays in shipping as the inevitable and necessary repressings will take time”.

Additional pressings of the album are expected from January 25, according to The Vinyl Factory.


Meanwhile, second-hand copies of the ‘Blackstar’ vinyl are up for sale online for as much as $1,250 (£867).

Bowie passed away over the weekend following an 18 month battle with cancer. Reports have since suggested that he “died from liver cancer” after “surviving six heart attacks”.

His final album ‘Blackstar’ follows on from 2013’s ‘The Next Day’ and has been called a “parting gift” for fans.

There has been speculation that ‘Blackstar’ was named after a type of cancer legion. A ‘black star’ has been defined as a “proliferative breast legion… described as long and thin with radiating radiolucent linear structures, which against a radiolucent fat background gives a black star or dark star appearance”.