David Bowie streams up 2,822 per cent following death

'Heroes' is Bowie's most streamed song

Streaming service Spotify has revealed that streams of David Bowie‘s music have increased by over 2,000 per cent since his death.

Global Spotify streams of Bowie rose by 2,822% following news of his death, with ‘Heroes’ the most popular track, seeing an increase of 3630 per cent. ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Life On Mars?’ and new tracks ‘Lazarus’ and ‘Blackstar’ also proved popular among the mourning.

Bowie’s most popular songs at the time of his death included ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘Space Oddity’, both of which have dropped out of his top five most-listened songs.


Bowie has seen a smaller posthumous boost than other deceased music figures in recent times. BB King’s music saw a 9,800% streaming surge following his death in May 2015, while Lou Reed’s passing in October 2013 saw his music streamed 3,000% more. This has been attributed to Bowie’s lasting popularity at the time of his death.

Most streamed Bowie songs following death:

1. ‘Heroes’ (+ 3630% increase)
2. ‘Let’s Dance (+ 3942%)
3. ‘Blackstar’ (+ 1120%)
4. ‘Lazarus’ (+ 1084%)
5. ‘Life On Mars?’ (+ 4238%)

Most streamed Bowie songs at time of death:

1. ‘Under Pressure’ (65m plays)
2. ‘Space Oddity’ (31m plays)
3. ‘Life On Mars?’ (30m plays)
4. ‘Heroes’ (21m plays)
5. ‘Let’s Dance’ (18m plays)

Bowie passed away on Sunday (January 10) following what his official statement describes as “a courageous 18 month battle with cancer”.


Final album ‘Blackstar’ was released on Bowie’s 69th birthday last Friday (January 8).