‘RIP David Zowie’: Twitter users mistake Bowie death for ‘House Every Weekend’ DJ

British artist assures fans that he is still alive

Twitter users have been mistakenly paying tribute to house producer and DJ David Zowie following the news of David Bowie’s death yesterday.

Bowie passed away on January 10 following an 18-month battle with cancer. News of his death was announced yesterday by his family. Millions of music fans around the world rushed to share their condolences on social media with Twitter recording over 2.3 million tweets throughout the day, peaking at 20,000 tweets per minute.

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However, in among the legitimate messages were a number of people mistakenly believing that it was David Zowie who had died. Zowie is best known for his single ‘House Every Weekend’, which went to Number One in July 2015.

Among the tweets, some of which may well be tounge-in-cheek, are messages including: “RIP David Zowie, ‘House Every Weekend’ was a great tune” and “I’m sure there’ll be house every weekend in heaven”


David Zowie is a Bowie fan himself and has moved to clarify that he is very much alive.

David Bowie and ex-wife Angie had a son named Zowie in 1971, who later changed his named by deed poll to Duncan. He has since become a film director and made films such as Moon and Source Code