David Bowie thanked by German Foreign Office for ‘helping to bring down the Berlin wall’

Music icon moved to Berlin in the 1970s to record albums 'Low', 'Heroes' and 'Lodger'

The German Foreign Office has paid tribute to the late David Bowie following the news of his death, thanking the music icon for his perceived help in bringing down the Berlin wall.

Bowie famously moved to Berlin the 1970s, recording his album trilogy (‘Low’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Lodger’) in the German city from 1977-79.

Bowie’s 1977 song ‘Heroes’ has been seen by some as a symbol of reunification in Germany. It features the lines: “I can remember / Standing, by the wall / And the guns, shot above our heads / And we kissed, as though nothing could fall / And the shame, was on the other side/ Oh we can beat them, forever and ever /
Then we could be heroes, just for one day”

Germany’s Foreign Office made reference to this fact this morning by tweeting: “Good-bye, David Bowie. You are now among #Heroes. Thank you for helping to bring down the #wall.” See below.

The news that Bowie has lost an 18-month battle with cancer was announced this morning with his son, film director Duncan Jones, among the first to shares his message of love for his late father.

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