Peter Howson’s David Bowie portraits to go up for auction

Ten head studies of the music legend from 1994 will be sold in Glasgow

Ten original drawings of David Bowie from 1994 are among the 390 works being auctioned by Scottish artist Peter Howson.

The painter’s wife Terry Howson is auctioning the works to raise money for the couple’s daughter Lucie, who has Asperger’s syndrome, The Times reports.

The 10 Bowie drawings are from 1994, when the singer posed for Howson. The pair struck up a friendship after Bowie bought two of his paintings depicting the Bosnian war, where he was an official war artist.

“He had bought two of my paintings from an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, including a very controversial painting of a rape in Bosnia,” the artist recalls. “We were invited to dinner at The Dorchester with the Bosnian Prime Minister. It was a very strange meeting.”

Recounting how Bowie then posed for the artist in his London studio, he said: “David agreed willingly and he was a fantastic subject to draw. I had him sitting quite high, on a 5ft plinth and at one point he seemed to doze off and fell to the floor…We had a laugh about it.”

The Bowie drawings are valued between £1,000 and £2,000 and are all head studies. The auction will take place at McTear’s Auctioneers in Glasgow on 28 April.