Dave Grohl: ‘David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ is the best air drumming album of all time’

Foo Fighters frontman selects his favourite Bowie album of all time

Dave Grohl has revealed his favourite David Bowie album is ‘Let’s Dance’.

The Foo Fighters frontman spoke to BBC 6 Music about his choice following the release of ‘The Next Day’, Bowie’s latest album, released earlier this year. Revealing an unsurprising passion for air-drumming, Grohl picked the 1983 album, saying it works best in a bar full of drunk people.

“I always go, and people will think I’m crazy for this as there are a lot of Bowie eras and they’re all great, but I really like the ‘Let’s Dance’ period. Because, as a drummer, that’s one of the best air drumming albums of all time,” said Grohl. Adding: “I can appreciate technical drumming, sure. But to me there’s nothing better than being in a bar full of people dancing and air drumming when none of them know how to play the drums. That and ‘Back In Black’, anyone will air drum to those albums.”

‘Let’s Dance’ was released in 1983 and was produced by Chic’s Nile Rodgers. Tracks on the album include ‘Modern Love’, ‘China Girl’ and the album title track.

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier this week (April 2) that Davie Bowie is favourite to win the 2013 Mercury Music Prize for ‘The Next Day’. Also in the running for the annual album award are the releases from Foals, Biffy Clyro, Hurts and Laura Marling.

Listen to Bowie’s Heroes on BBC 6 Music here.