David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ to be turned into children’s book

Lyrics from singer's seminal track used as inspiration for free kid's tome

David Bowie‘s classic single ‘Space Oddity’ has been turned into a free children’s book.

Graphic designer Andrew Kolb has taken the lyrics from Bowie‘s 1969 track and used them as the inspiration for his book of the same name. Although it currently only exists as a free digital copy on his website, he is hoping to release a physical version in the future.

In an interview with Wired, Kolb said:

It was one thing to make images that corresponded to the lyrics, but it was another to try to make it function as a visual story on top of that. In my early drafts it didn’t really work as a picture book, and that was my goal all along.


He went on to add:

It’s been really cool hearing all these different interpretations of the lyrics, and all I can say is that the approach I took was the one that translated best to an image-based story. Either way, how could you not have fun designing spacesuits and jet packs!?

In 2009, Bowie re-released a special 40th anniversary edition of the ‘Space Oddity’ album which included unreleased demos, radio sessions and alternate versions of album songs.

Earlier this month, his biographer Paul Trynka suggested that the singer had “most likely” retired from making music and that it “would be a bit of a miracle” if he returned with another album. He released his last studio LP ‘Reality’ in 2003, and has not played live since 2006, when he sang onstage with Alicia Keys in New York City.


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