David Bowie tribute ballet to open next week

Detroit ballet shows how Bowie changed throughout his career

David Bowie is the subject of a ballet opening in Detroit next week (June 17).

Complexion Contemporary Ballet’s 35-minute piece Star Dust opens at Detroit Music Hall Center, featuring the company’s 15 dancers performing to songs including ‘Modern Love’, ‘Changes’, Life On Mars?’, ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Lazarus’.

The New York-based ballet company insist they had the idea for Star Dust before Bowie’s death in January, and are hoping to add it to their nationwide repertory for longer performances next year.

Star Dust writer Dwight Rhoden told Billboard: “This piece will touch on Bowie’s catalogue and all the different ways that he expressed himself, musically and theatrically. He was certainly a musician, but he was so much more.”

The ballet doesn’t have the official approval of Bowie’s estate, but Rhoden said he hopes Star Dust will become more recognized. Rhoden said: “We’ve had quite a bit of enquiry about it, so I’m really looking to go further with it.”

The ballet pays tribute to Bowie’s fashion as well as his music, and Rhoden said: “You won’t see it verbatim, but you will see influences from many of those characters and the way he changed throughout his career.We’re not going to dress up like Ziggy Stardust, but you’ll get the vibe when we’re into that part of his career.”