David Bowie joins Michael Caine in new movie

They play competing magicians

David Bowie is to star in a new movie with Michael Caine.

‘The Prestige’ follows the story of two competing magicians, reports Reuters.

The 58-year-old rock legend will play inventor and electrical wizard Nikola Tesla, who is asked by one of the magicians to help him pull off the ultimate magic trick.

Caine plays a veteran magician in the Christopher Nolan-directed movie, which also co-stars Hugh Jackson and Christian Bale.

The movie, adapted from Christopher Priest‘s novel, adapted by the director’s brother Jonathan Nolan, will begin shooting in January.

Bowie‘s acting credits range from 1976’s ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ to 1983’s ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’, 1996’s ‘Basquiat’ and, most recently, 2000’s ‘Mr Rice’s Secret’.