And the results are likely to be "theatrical", according to Spree mainman Tim DeLaughter...

Polyphonic Spree leader TIM DeLAUGHTER is to collaborate with David Bowie, and says the results are likely to be “theatrical”.

The band recently toured with the legend, with the full 29-member throng joining David Bowie for a rendition of ’Slip Away’.

“We’re going to write a song together,” DeLaughter told MTV. “He asked me if I’d be up for it, and I said, ‘Of course!’ He wants to do something really theatrical, so whenever he’s ready, I’m there.”

“He (David Bowie) has been really instrumental in our band breaking out in the first place,” he added. “Before anyone had heard of us, he brought us to London two years ago to play his Meltdown Festival. That’s the first place we ever played outside of Texas.”

The band will tour with David Bowie from May 29 until June 5, before embarking on the Lollapalooza tour in support of their forthcoming second album ’Together We’re Heavy’.

“The songs were pretty easy to come up with, but it was the most difficult, most challenging recording session I’ve ever had in my life,” DeLaughter said. “I almost had a nervous breakdown a few times trying to mix it. But as someone (himself) once said, ‘The pain of toil bringeth gain, and foolish folly bringeth poverty.’ “

The band plan to make a DVD chronicling their history later in the year. Delaughter has also completed the score for upcoming Mike Mills film ’Thumbsucker’.

“It’s a great opportunity,” DeLaughter said. “Hopefully, it will be the first of many, because I love cinematic music and the idea of creating music to fit a particular series of imagery is really appealing.”