David Bowie’s son says how the star inspired him to become a film director

Duncan Jones speaks ahead of new film release 'Warcraft'

David Bowie‘s son, filmmaker Duncan Jones, has spoken of how his late father has influenced his work.

Jones, known for his films Moon and Source Code, spoke to Associated Press on Wednesday (May 11) to promote his new movie Warcraft, a cinematic adaptation of video game franchise World Of Warcraft.

“My dad was obviously prolific in music, but he also acted and I think I had the most fun when we were on film sets… I think I got the (directing) bug back then,” Jones said.

“Because the musical gene did not express itself in the way one might have hoped, my main hobby with my dad was shooting little one-stop animations and I just always carried that interest in film.”

The director added that his dad taught him to have belief in his own creative impulses. “I think as much on the creativity level — his bravery and willingness to try stuff that other people weren’t expecting,” Jones added.


“I did two science-fiction films and then jumped into a video-game movie, and now I’m going to go from this behemoth to another tiny, little indie [upcoming film Mute]. So just doing what feels right at the moment on a creative level is certainly something I got from him.”

Warcraft stars Travis Fimmel and Dominic Cooper. It opens in cinemas on June 3 in the UK and on June 10 in North America.

David Bowie passed away on January 10 following an 18 month battle with cancer. After his father’s death, Jones thanked fans for their support.