It's the first time the famous couple have worked together on an advertising campaign...


and wife IMAN have signed a deal to become the

face(s) of new TOMMY HILFIGER line ‘H


The range, due to be launched in 2004, will be

the first time that the music legend and the supermodel have worked together

in an advertising campaign.

“I very much admire

Tommy’s ability to weave so many influences into his work,”

explained Bowie

in an official statement.

“Iman and I are thrilled to be working with


Hilfiger explained his reasons for choosing


and Iman for his new line to

Billboard.”David Bowie and

Iman bring everything I’m looking for to represent this

brand: music, style, elegance, creativity and sophistication,” he explained.

“I’m honoured to feature them in my new campaign.’

The campaign was

shot in Amsterdam earlier this month in between dates of

David Bowie‘s world tour, promoting new album