The legend says organising the event will help him get over the "disappointment" of being unable to appear in 2000...

David Bowie has said curating this year’s MELTDOWN will help him get over the “disappointment” of being unable to appear at the event in 2000.

In 2000, David Bowie was approached by then curator Scott Walker to make a rare live appearance at the festival, held annually on London’s South Bank. However, he was unable to appear, instead opting for a now legendary headline slot at the Glastonbury Festival.

Now, David Bowie said he hopes to make the 2002 series of concerts “inspiring”. He commented: “I’m excited about this opportunity to contribute to Meltdown. I hope some of the ideas we come up with for performances and artists will transpire for if they do, they will hopefully make this an inspiring and fun Festival. I was very disappointed two years ago when I had to decline Scott Walker’s invitation to perform so I am thrilled that I get a second chance to contribute in whatever way I can.”


Meltdown takes place annually at the Festival Hall, and started life as a classical event. Each year a prominent or influential member the music world is approached to curate, and as time has progressed the festival has become more rock orientated.

This year’s event runs between June 12-30.