David Bowie confirms work has begun on his '70s glam-era movie, featuring unreleased 'Ziggy' songs...

David Bowie has confirmed he is preparing his own film based on the ’70s glam rock period.

Dismissing the much-touted forthcoming Velvet Goldmine glam movie as “a trailer” for his project, Bowie has also revealed that he will rework some unreleased ‘Ziggy Stardust’-era material for the project. Bowie says he’s been working on the idea for the last two years and says that’s why he refused to allow any of his music to be used in Todd Haynes’ …Goldmine film which is due to open in the UK on October 23.

“My feeling about it was that it was based fairly substantially on Ziggy Stardust and as I intend to do my own version of that I’d rather not work with a competitive film,” Bowie said on UK radio last week.


“What I’ve done is complemented the original ‘Ziggy Stardust’ soundtrack. It’s quite exciting in a way because what I’ve found are bits and pieces of songs that I obviously had written for the project (the original ‘Ziggy Stardust’ album) but had never finished off.

“It’s almost as though I’ll be complementing what’s already there with other pieces that were started but not actually finished at the time. So they have an authenticity of the period about them in the style that they’re written in but they’ll be sort of finished off today. For me it will be an extraordinary thing to see what kind of animal it becomes eventually.”

Jonathan Rutter, who’s handling press on the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, says that the director Todd Haynes would not want to be drawn into a battle over Bowie’s comments.

“It would start sounding like a fight which is not the case at all. Originally the director wanted Bowie’s co-operation in the film. They sent him a script and some of Todd’s previous films. Bowie wrote back saying he was very talented and wished Todd well but that they couldn’t have any songs because he had his own project.”

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