David Bowie is planning to launch a new internet service...

David Bowie plans to expand his presence on the web via a move into new territory for an artist – as an internet service provider.

Net users will be invited to sign up to BowieNet, starting in the United States this September, with the rest of the world following soon after. The service is expected to cost Britons #12.50 per month ($19.95 in the US), comparable to most other service providers.

The service will also provide subscribers with fully customisable 5MB home pages, multi-player gaming, chat rooms and will offer local dial-up access from nearly 50 countries before the end of this year. Subscribers’ will also be provided with an email address which reads


Of particular interest to fans of Bowie’s music will be the BowieNet promise of previously unseen material including songs, videos, photographs and press material which, it is claimed, will be updated daily.

BowieNet aims to provide news and features links from the Excite network, as well as exclusive unreleased material. It will accompany Bowie’s other recent Net launches, which include, which includes artwork by the 51-year-old singer and other artists.

Bowie was the first major rock star to offer new music exclusively on the Net, when he released the track ‘Telling Lies’ in 1996. The prelaunch version of BowieNet is online now at .