GOLDIE has announced his varied projects for 1998 which include collaborations with Noel Gallagher and David Bowie and parts in two movies...

GOLDIE has announced his projects for 1998 which include another Noel Gallagher collaboration, a David Bowie co-production and two films, one of which will star Val Kilmer. In addition, Goldie says he plans to launch a range of sportswear this year.

Goldie revealed his plans to NME during a press conference to launch his ‘Saturnz Return’ album in London. Asked whether he had any plans to work with Perry Farrell – Goldie toured America with the “relapsed” Jane’s Addiction last year – Goldie said: “Perry’s a great guy, he’s genius mad, but I’ve got Noel right on my doorstep and Noel’s the best geezer to work with, man. I know me and Noel will definitely work together again.”

Goldie is due to fly to Switzerland later this month to work with Bowie on a new album. Goldie revealed the pair collaborated on a couple of pieces of music after meeting at a drum ‘n’ bass club early last year.


“One enjoyment was being able to manipulate through him what I really wanted to get out, write, sing or whatever,” Goldie said. Expanding on the collaboration, Bowie told NME, “We don’t know how far we’re going but we’re going in deep.”

Goldie is also planning to launch a range of sportswear clothing later in the year, following in the footsteps of The Beastie Boys and The Wu Tang-Clan. “It’s one of the things I’ve always aimed to do – make a sneaker!” he said.

Goldie is currently working on Everybody Loves Sunshine a gangland film set in Manchester. When shooting on that winds up he’s to start work on another film with Val Kilmer who starred as Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s The Doors. Goldie met with Kilmer and Hollywood scriptwriter Josh Evans while on the Jane’s Addiction tour.

“I have a very special project called Blessed with Val Kilmer and Josh Evans, who’s the son of Robert Evans,” Goldie told NME. “It has a lot to do with three guys with a very long route to doing what they want to do. Val wants to do something fresh, so does Josh.”

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