David Bowie thought of Lorde as “the future of music”

Bowie’s long-time pianist Mike Garson discusses Bowie’s relationship with Lorde

According to long-time David Bowie collaborator and pianist Mike Garson, the late artist believed that Lorde was the future of music.

Last month, Lorde performed ‘Life on Mars?’ at the Brit Awards as a tribute to David Bowie. His son, Duncan Jones, took to Twitter to call the performance “beautiful”.

In an interview with Periscope, Garson revealed a behind-the-scenes account of the performance, as well as Bowie’s relationship with the New Zealand artist.


“David really liked Lorde, and he felt like she was the future of music, and they had a few wonderful moments together,” Garson explained. “She was the perfect choice. Some of David’s family members and David’s management had some suggestions she’d be the right one. They wanted to bring the next generation in.”

Garson also disclosed that he and Lorde rehearsed on several occasions leading up to the Brits, including in Garson’s New York City studio as well as in London. “It was an amazing, momentous experience, and she really did justice to him.”

“She was so nervous,” Garson continued. “She actually said if she didn’t sing the song to David, she couldn’t have gotten through it.” You can watch the full Periscope interview below.


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