Ricky Gervais recalls being on stage with David Bowie at his last ‘live performance’

The musician had introduced the comedian on stage at Madison Square Garden in 2007

Ricky Gervais has spoken about being on stage with David Bowie for his last “live performance”.

The late musician had introduced the comedian when Gervais performed at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 2007. During the introduction, Bowie sang ‘Little Fat Man’, the song he wrote for Extras.

Gervais was a guest on Ricky Wilson‘s Radio X show yesterday (August 21). The Kaiser Chiefs frontman informed him: “I was talking to my PR who PR’d David Bowie and he said last night, you know, no-one talks about it, but the last time he ever sang on stage was introducing you at Madison Square Garden.”

Gervais responded: “Yeah he sang ‘Little Fat Man’. I think I co-wrote a song with Bowie, that’s mental isn’t it?”

After Wilson called the moment a “big kind of like… wow!”, Gervais added: “And Extras was his last TV appearance as well so it was great. And he brought me out on Madison Square Gardens and it was un-believable. He just went out there with a harmonica and goes “oooh, chubby little loser. No-one’s bloody laughing.”

“When I sent him the lyrics to that, ’cause he did the music to that, I sent him the lyrics and I called him up and said, ‘have you got the lyrics?’, he went ‘yeah’, I said erm, ‘give me some like retro like erm, ‘Life on Mars’. He went, ‘Oh yeah. I’ll knock up a quick fucking ‘Life on Mars’ for you shall I?'”

Gervais also discussed the public not wanting him to move on from The Office. “It’s an unreasonable request by the general public sometimes that they don’t want you to move on,” he said.

“How many times do people say ‘oh I used to like them, but now they’re playing Wembley’. That’s why they played all those little clubs you went to, because one day they wanted to play Wembley. It’s like ‘I like Dylan, the unrecorded years’. It’s like well ‘he wanted to record them!'”

Ricky Wilson is on Radio X Sundays 11am-2pm.