Interpol’s Paul Banks on David Bowie: ‘he went out of his way to support young artists’

Bowie showed up at an Interpol show in the early days of the band

Interpol‘s Paul Banks has recalled David Bowie arriving at an Interpol show early in their career, and how the late singer inspired young bands.

Talking to Vulture, Banks recalls Bowie knocking on Interpol’s dressing room door just ten minutes before a show – something the band actively tried to avoid – and the way the band’s manager just backed away rather than enforcing normal door policy. He goes on to talk about how Bowie’s appreciation of his band gave him confidence going forward.

Banks said: “Early on, we used to say a lot when people would ask how things were going, “Give me about ten years to think back on it and then I’ll have some kind of perspective, because right now it’s all fucking crazy.” At the moment, I don’t remember having a real clear, articulate thought on, What does it mean that David Bowie just gave us his blessing?

“Long-term, it just kind of said, Bowie was awesome. Bowie stayed involved, and he went out of his way to support young artists, as we’ve seen after he came to our show. I just think that it’s cool, the same way that Elton John seems to be super up on new music. Bowie was an artist all the way, and a generous one who liked to tell other artists that he was a supporter. That was such a great gift for someone of his caliber to give to a young band.”


“You know, it really does mean something. Probably if Bowie’s interested in a band, he can probably go chill in the back of the venue and enjoy the show,” Banks added.

“I just think it’s a very generous gesture for someone in his position to let it be known to the band that he’s a fan, because it doesn’t get any better than that. It really doesn’t. He obviously was a generous spirit, in that sense, because that just gives something to us. I doubt he really was dying to have a selfie with Interpol, but we’ll never forget that moment.”

Since the news of Bowie’s death his music has seen a 5000% increase in sales in the USA. He remains at Number One on the UK Album Chart for a second week running with his final album ‘Blackstar’, which was released on January 8, two days before his death.