Metallica’s Kirk Hammett recalls ‘weird, beautiful, unexpected’ tour bus ride with David Bowie

The guitarist recounted a chance meeting with the late musician

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has recounted the time David Bowie gave him a ride in his tour bus in a tribute to the late musician posted on his blog.

Hammett was introduced to Bowie through Metalica’s ex-tour manager Ian Jeffrey when the pair happened to cross paths while on tour. According to Hammett, Jeffrey offered him ride back to the hotel where the two were both staying.

“I instantly said ‘sure’ and let me tell you, I felt like one of those guys in Wayne’s World,” he said. “We go up the steps, turn into the lounge and there’s David with a huge grin on his face saying, ‘Sit down sit down.’ Rob and I sat down, once again the fan boy stuff came out, and I cannot remember all the details but we did talk about stuff like music and his love for the Dandy Warhols, I also remember apologizing to him, saying, ‘Sorry David for nicking the title ‘Leper Messiah,’ and he was laughing.”

“The entire time we were talking on that bus ride, I was surprised at how light-hearted he was. He laughed a lot, had an almost giddy, goofy sense of humor, and he was very relaxed. From looking at all his publicity photos and everything, you’d have thought, ‘Man, he looks like a heavy cat,’ but meeting him in person was the complete opposite of that. My impressions were so off-track. And when we finally pulled up the hotel, I felt a tinge of sadness, because the greatest bus ride of my life was nearly over. We thanked him up and down, left the bus and then when we got to the hotel elevator Rob and I looked at each other and said, ‘Did that just really happen?’ It was a weird, beautiful and totally unexpected experience,” Hammett wrote on his blog.

The guitarist also goes on to “acknowledge what a huge influence” Bowie’s music and films had on him.