David Bowie’s FBI agent made an unexpected appearance on ‘Twin Peaks’ last night

Philip Jeffries is back...

David Bowie returned to Twin Peaks last night in a cameo that used footage from his original appearance in the cult show’s big screen prequel.

The music icon originally appeared as FBI agent Philip Jeffries in 1992’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and was in talks with creator David Lynch to reprise the role before his death in January 2016.

But last night, his character reappeared during a scene that saw Gordon Cole, played by David Lynch, recount a dream sequence to FBI forensics expert Albert Rosenfield.


The episode was also dedicated to Bowie, with his name appearing during the credits. You can see it below.

Bowie’s potential involvement in the show was touted last year, when actor Harry Goaz revealed that Lynch had battled to secure a cameo before Bowie’s death.

Despite Lynch confirming that Twin Peaks’ return will be limited to one series, actor Kyle MacLachlan recently revealed that he would be up for working with Lynch on further episodes.

“I had such a wonderful time on this. And you’re talking about working again with David Lynch, so that’s a no brainer”, he said.

The latest season of Twin Peaks has also seen musical cameos from a number of big name artists, including Moby and Nine Inch Nails.