Brian May teases unheard David Bowie and Queen recordings

Bowie famously teamed up with Queen for 1981's 'Under Pressure'

Brian May has revealed that there are unheard recordings featuring David Bowie and Queen.

Bowie famously teamed up with Queen for 1981’s ‘Under Pressure’, but now Queen guitarist May has teased further collaborations between the two iconic acts.

According to Radio X, May says that Bowie and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury “locked horns” during the ‘Under Pressure’ sessions and that further material was recorded.

“It wasn’t easy because we were all precocious boys and David was very… forceful, yes,” May recalls. “Freddie and David locked horns, without a doubt. But those are the things that happen in a studio, that’s when the sparks fly and that’s why it turned out so great.”

“[They locked horns] in subtle ways,” May adds, “like who would arrive last at the studio. So it was sort of wonderful and terrible. But in my mind, I remember the wonderful now, more than the terrible.”

May went on: “And not all of what we did in those sessions has ever come to light, so there’s a thought.”

Last month, May revealed that his late bandmate Mercury lost most of his foot while battling AIDS.

May opens up about about Mercury’s illness in his new photo-based book about the band, Queen in 3-D. In an excerpt published in The Sunday Times, the guitarist writes: “The problem was actually his foot, and tragically there was very little left of it. Once, he showed it to us at dinner. And he said, ‘Oh Brian, I’m sorry I’ve upset you by showing you that.’ And I said, ‘I’m not upset, Freddie, except to realise you have to put up with all this terrible pain.’”

During an interview with the newspaper, May also revealed that Mercury rarely spoke about his battle with AIDS. May recalled: “He said, ‘I suppose you realise that I’m dealing with this illness.’ Of course, we all knew [he had AIDS], but we didn’t want to. He said, ‘You probably gather that I’m dealing with this thing and I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t want our lives to change, but that’s the situation.’ And then he would move on.”