David Bowie rarities EP ‘Is It Any Wonder?’ and ‘ChangesNowBowie’ Record Store Day 2020 release announced

Hear the ‘ChangesNowBowie’ version of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ now

Two new David Bowie releases have been announced for 2020 by Parlophone Records: A streaming EP of unreleased and rare tracks, titled ‘David Bowie Is It Any Wonder?’, and the ‘ChangesNowBowie’ session, which will be out on Record Store Day.

The first track from both releases, an acoustic version of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’, is out now. It was released to mark Bowie’s birthday – the Starman would have turned 73 today (January 8) – and the 50th anniversary of the writing and recording of the classic song.

Listen to ‘The Man Who Sold The World (ChangesNowBowie Version)’ below:


The rest of songs from the six-track ‘David Bowie Is It Any Wonder?’ EP will be released weekly from January 17 onwards. An official tracklist is not yet available.

David Bowie Is It Any Wonder EP
The cover art of the 2020 EP ‘David Bowie Is It Any Wonder?’. Credit: Press

‘ChangesNowBowie’ was a nine-track mostly acoustic session which was recorded in 1996 in New York during rehearsals for Bowie’s 50th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden. The BBC broadcast the session the following year, on Bowie’s 50th birthday on January 8, 1997.

David Bowie ChangesNowBowie session cover art
The cover art of ‘ChangesNowBowie’, with a photograph shot by Albert Watson in New York in 1996. Image: Press

‘ChangesNowBowie’ will be released in limited quantities on LP and CD for Record Store Day on April 18, 2020. Though an official tracklist has not been released, ‘ChangesNowBowie’ was widely bootlegged with the following tracklist:


1. ‘The Man Who Sold The World’
2. ‘The Supermen’
3. ‘Andy Warhol’
4. ‘Repetition’
5. ‘Lady Stardust’
6. ‘White Light/White Heat’
7. ‘Shopping For Girls’
8. ‘Quicksand’
9. ‘Aladdin Sane’