David Bowie used to hide under a table from Roger Moore

They were briefly neighbours in Switzerland

A story has emerged of a period in the late ’70s, when David Bowie was forced to hide under a table to avoid the company of Roger Moore.

The tale of their awkward friendship came from the press launch of new book ‘David Bowie: A Life’, at which author Dylan Jones revealed that things went slightly awry when the music icon and the James Bond star become neighbours.

“[Author and novelist Hanif] Kureishi told me this story, that when David Bowie moved to Switzerland at the end of the Seventies to escape tax and drug dealers, he didn’t know anybody there,” said Jones, as The Telegraph reports. “He was in this huge house on the outskirts of Geneva – he knew nobody.


“One day, about half-past five in the afternoon, there’s a knock on the door, and there he was: ‘Hello, David.’ Roger Moore comes in, and they had a cup of tea. He stays for drinks, and then dinner, and tells lots of stories about the James Bond films. They had a fantastic time – a brilliant night.”

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Jones continued: “But then, the next day, at 5.30… Knock, knock, it’s Roger Moore. He invites himself in again, and sits down: ‘Yeah, I’ll have a gin and tonic, David.’ He tells the same stories – but they’re slightly less entertaining the second time around.

“After two weeks [of Moore turning up] at 5.25pm – literally every day – David Bowie could be found underneath the kitchen table pretending not to be in.”

Moore passed away back in May after ‘fighting a brave battle with cancer’.


‘David Bowie: A Life’ by Dylan Jones is out now.

While a host of David Bowie collaborators and his former live backing band announced yesterday that they’d be taking their tribute show on tour in 2018, this week also sees the release ‘A New Career In A New Town‘ to mark the 40th anniversary of his seminal album “Heroes”.

Following on from the previous box sets planned by Bowie himself with ‘Five Year’s and ‘Who Can I Be Now’, ‘A New Career In A New Town’ will contain Bowie’s seminal ‘Berlin Trilogy’ of albums ‘Lodger’, “Heroes” and ‘Low’, as well as the classic ‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)’ and much, much more.