David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie says she’s still not in touch with their son Duncan Jones

'It's over... Nothing to do with me,' says Bowie's ex-wife.

David Bowie‘s first wife, Angie Bowie, has confirmed that she is still estranged from their son, Duncan Jones.

Angie and David Bowie were married from 1970 to 1980, and he wrote the songs ‘Golden Years’, ‘Cracked Actor’ and ‘The Prettiest Star’ about her. Angie gave birth to their son, Zowie, in 1971. He now prefers to be known as Duncan Jones, and has made his name as a director with the films Moon, Source Code and Warcraft.

When the couple divorced in 1980, David Bowie was granted custody of Zowie, who remained in contact with his mother Angie until he reached the age of 13. However, they are not believed to have shared any kind of mother-son relationship since then.

Asked if she had been in touch with Duncan since his father passed away in January 2016, Angie told The Times: My son? No, why should I be? I’m not interested. It stopped when my father changed his will to not include an educational trust for Zowie because David divorced me.

“When my father did that I followed precedent. It’s over. Nothing. Nothing to do with me,” she added.

Angie Bowie was appearing on Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 in January 2016 when she learned that her ex-husband David Bowie had died.

She initially chose to remain on the 24/7 reality show, before later deciding to pull out.