David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’ is set to become a virtual reality experience

It will form part of the V&A's 2017 Performance Festival later this month

Lazarus, the musical featuring songs written and composed by the late David Bowie, is set to become a virtual reality experience.

The show was performed at London’s Kings Cross Theatre from November 8, 2016 to January 22, 2017, following a six-week stint in New York in late 2015 and early 2016.

The new version of the show, as What’s On Stage reports, will form part of the V&A’s 2017 Performance Festival, which is due to take place between April 21-30 at the south London museum.


Footage of the musical is to be screened during the From VHS To VR event, which is scheduled for the festival’s final day. The clips being used were recorded at one of the performances in January and will feature the musical’s stars Michael C Hall, Amy Lennox and Sophia Anne Caruso.

Ahead of the VR experience, Emily Harris, the National Video Archive Of Performance curator, will speak about the making of the recording. The audience will then be invited to take part in the experience via the use of VR headsets.

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Admission to the event is free and more information can be found on the V&A’s official website.

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Michael C Hall paid tribute to Bowie at the 2017 BRIT Awards earlier this year as he collected the award for Best British Male Solo Artist in his absence. Bowie beat Craig David, Skepta, Kano and Michael Kiwanuka to the prize.

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Hall said: “If David Bowie could be here tonight, he probably wouldn’t be here tonight. But since he can’t be here tonight, I’m here tonight on his behalf and behalf of his family to accept this testament to a man beholden to nothing but his own boundless imagination and daring, who’s ever expanding artistic vitality simultaneously soothes us and sears us and astonishes us.

“Maybe he is here tonight, I don’t know. But I’m honoured to stand before you and acknowledge the potency of his work and if I may also, to acknowledge David’s kindness and generosity and enthusiasm will forever inspire me to be a better man, on his behalf thank you.”
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