Danny DeVito and David Byrne call for new gun control laws

The actor and musician have each made separate cases for tighter regulation in America

David Byrne and Danny DeVito have both called for changes to be made in America’s gun control laws.

Former Talking Heads member Byrne penned an essay on his website suggesting recontextualising the issue as a public health matter.

“It’s not about taking away everyone’s guns. It needn’t be all or nothing, in other words,” he wrote, according to Business Insider.


“I think reframing the gun issue as a public health issue – as well as an issue of our right, and our freedom, to live without a constant threat of violence – is the way to go in convincing our lawmakers, and more crucially our neighbors and our nation, to act on this issue,” the post continued.

As well as providing a historical recap of gun violence in the States, Byrne added: “The public feeling is already there. Everyone should not have the right to risk everyone else’s life and take away the freedom of others.

“We have countered these arguments before, from slavery to seat belts to smoking, and we can do it again. We’re better than this.”

DeVito, meanwhile, spoke to Entertainment Tonight two days after the Orlando massacre.

“I don’t even want to talk about anything else,” he said. “I love doing the show [It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia] and thank you very much for being interested, but it’s heartbreaking. I can’t get over it.

“It’s a gun that we shouldn’t have in our country,” DeVito said of the weapon used in the shooting, a Sig Sauer MCX rifle. “It’s one thing to have a hunting rifle or a target pistol, but this gun is just made to butcher people.


“It’s an awful, awful thing, and we just let it go. You and I and everybody out there, we have to figure out a way to stop them.”

He added: “Nobody in the government is reliable to get rid of these guns. The only people who can get rid of the guns are people. We can go march in the streets and say, ‘This can’t be.’ We can’t let this continue.”


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