David Byrne disses U2 tour spending

Former Talking Head says he's feeling 'less than charitable'

David Byrne has criticised U2 on his blog, saying their world tour costs are excessive.

He has also complained that he was jilted from a New York TV slot earlier this year so they could play five nights in a row.

Blogging from Europe while on tour, Byrne wrote: “Those stadium shows may possibly be the most extravagant and expensive (production-wise) ever: $40 million to build the stage and, having done the math, we estimate 200 semi trucks crisscrossing Europe for the duration. It could be professional envy speaking here, but it sure looks like, well, overkill, and just a wee bit out of balance given all the starving people in Africa and all.”

The former Talking Heads frontman then went on to reveal that he lost out on a performance on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ in March, when U2 secured a five-night residency to promote their ‘No Line On The Horizon’ album.

“Or maybe it’s the fact that we were booted off our ‘Letterman’ spot so U2 could keep their exclusive week-long run that’s making me less than charitable? Take your pick, but thanks guys!” Byrne wrote.

–By our New York staff.
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