David Byrne is launching a new monthly radio show, ‘Here Comes Everybody’

"The music you have been waiting for your whole life"

David Byrne is launching a new monthly radio show called ‘Here Comes Everybody’.

The show launches today (August 1) on the Sonos Sound System Station in the Sonos App and will made available online on August 2 via Mixcloud. Subsequent episodes will air on the first day of each month.

Speaking about the new show, Byrne said: “I make a new playlist every month! I try not to repeat songs, but sometimes one can’t help going back to something one loves.

“The playlists for this radio show are very often thematic- movie scores, current releases, South Indian surprises, Turkish pop. You may not like them all, but then come back next month and there it will be…the music you have been waiting for your whole life.”


Radio Hour with David Byrne – Credit: Sonos

A film version of David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia on Broadway’, directed by Spike Lee, is set to premiere on HBO later this year.

The Broadway production saw Byrne perform a selection of hits from both his Talking Heads and solo career alongside an 11-person ensemble that danced and carried its instruments around the stage.

It toured the world off the back of Byrne’s solo album ‘American Utopia’ before becoming a Broadway production. NME lauded the tour as “the most ambitious and impressive live show of all time”, a quote Byrne then duly named a live EP of the tour after.

Spike Lee was announced to helm a movie adaption of the project in February this year.

In a press statement, Lee said “It is my honor and privilege that my art brother, Mr. David Byrne, asked me to join him in concert, to invite me into his magnificent world of American Utopia.”


Byrne added: “Spike and I have crossed paths many times over the years, obviously I’m a huge fan and now finally here was an opportunity for us to work together,” Byrne said.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the result. The Broadway show was a wonderful challenge as well as an opportunity—it was a joy to perform and, well, best to let the quotes speak for themselves. Thrilled that this show and the subjects it addresses will now reach a wider audience.”