David Byrne working on new music with Brian Eno and Oneohtrix Point Never

It has been confirmed that a new album is currently "in progress".

David Byrne has revealed that he’s working on new music with Brian Eno and Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never.

Taking part in a reddit AMA, Byrne spoke of a new album, saying that he’s currently “finishing it up” and that he plans to release it “early next year”. He also added that he is “making tour plans”.

“Last week I wrote words and a melody over a track that Daniel Lopatin sent me, so I change depending on the situation,” he said of his songwriting process. “Lyrics are best when the writing is not obvious- when they appear to be naturally occurring.”


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When asked if he and Brian Eno would be recording more music together, Byrne responded; “Brian helped me a LOT on a record I’m finishing up now.”

One commenter asked if there could be potential for more Talking Heads content. Byrne responded, saying “there might be some outtakes but the TH well is pretty dry”.

The Talking Heads frontman was also asked if he feels artists have a harder time connecting with audiences or ‘making an impact’ in 2017. “Loads of great inspirational and influential musicians out there today- how they get noticed is different that it used to be, how they survive financially too- so yes, the impact it still there I think,” Byrne responded. “Not sure if people listen in the same way- my generation is way out of touch, in general- but some certainly do.”

Byrne also explained how he prefers to listen to music. “I listened to music (dirty projectors, new sakamoto record) while on the west side bike path this AM, then pull out heaphones when on street,” he wrote, before revealing he is a fan of Sinkane, The Weeknd, Lorde, Lambchop, Bon Iver, Sampha and PJ harvey.