David Crosby is rating his fans attempts at rolling joints: “It’s a calling…I was born to do it”

"Nice work, I would smoke that"

As the coronavirus crisis continues, David Crosby has found one way to pass the time – by rating his fans attempts at rolling joints.

Earlier this month, Crosby tweeted Jeffrey Guterman, telling him “Jeff…I need to show you how to roll a joint” after Guterman posted a picture of one of his efforts.

Following this, fans from all around the world responded by sending Crosby pictures of their own creations and soon after, Crosby started to review the attempts. “Looks like a snake who swallowed a bowling ball,” and “crumbled and puny,” he tweeted to one fan. “Nice work, I would smoke that,” he said to another.


“It’s a calling,” Crosby later said of his online reviews system before adding: “I was born to do it.” You can see some of the efforts – and Crosby’s reviews of them – below:


The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash legend is well known for his outspoken views and reviews on Twitter.

Speaking to Stereogum in the past, Crosby explained his love for social media, saying: “I like talking to people. I like Facebook and Instagram, too, but I function best on Twitter because I’m a words guy. I like communicating with people. It’s fun for me. I don’t answer questions if they’re too dumb.”

He went on to say: “I get in trouble there, mind you. I get in trouble there saying Kanye West has absolutely no talent and is a complete poseur. I get in trouble there saying Donald Trump is a walking intelligence-free zone. But I have fun.”

Previously, Crosby has shared his views on a host of artists including former White Stripes frontman Jack White saying, “Has not shown up with a really fine song yet.” He also revealed that he was “undecided” on Father John Misty.

Elsewhere, he described Iron & Wine as “interesting and good” and called Jason Mraz a “very talented cat.”