Shops are having difficulty keeping up with demand for the singer-songwriter's product...

The David Gray phenomenon continues to grow with the news that shops in IRELAND are having trouble keeping pace with demand for his just released ‘LOST SONGS 95-98’ album.

The singer/songwriter, who scored a Top five UK single hit last week with ‘Babylon’, and who is currently at number four in the UK album charts with ‘White Ladder’, first found success in Eire. ‘White Ladder’ has sold an unprecedented 125,000 copies to date there.

This week ‘Lost Songs 95-98’ went straight to number one in Ireland, selling almost 8,000 copies. However, industry insiders claim that an initial pressing of 20,000 is far from enough to meet demand, and more are hurriedly being rushed to shops.


The news is sure to delight Gray, who is tipped by some to become this year’s Travis, with sales of ‘White Ladder’ looking likely to move in the same way as ‘The Man Who’. ‘Lost Songs 95-98’ is released on his own IHT Records imprint, a label he set up to put out the self-financed ‘White Ladder’ after he and former label EMI parted company.

The album will only see a limited release in the UK though.

EMI are themselves set to cash in on Gray‘s accelerating popularity. They are to release an album called, ironically, ‘Sell Sell Sell’, which was recorded several years ago, but not generally released.

Meanwhile, Gray‘s current label East West look set to release ‘Please Forgive Me’ as the next single. No date has been confirmed but it is thought it will coincide with his October UK tour.