David Gray slams use of his song in Iraq ‘music torture’

The star's song 'Babylon' is reportedly used by US interrogators

David Gray has slammed the use of music as torture in Iraq and other US bases.

Loud playbacks of Gray‘s hit song ‘Babylon’ are reportedly used by US interrogators in the Middle Eastern country, something the singer has labeled as “torture”.

The process of using loud music during questioning is also apparently used in other US bases such as Guantanamo Bay.


“What we’re talking about here is people in a darkened room, physically inhibited by handcuffs, bags over their heads and music blaring at them,” the singer said on BBC Radio 4 Tonight.

“That is nothing but torture,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter what the music is – it could be Tchaikovsky‘s finest or it could be Barney The Dinosaur. It really doesn’t matter, it’s going to drive you completely nuts.

“No one wants to even think about it or discuss the fact that we’ve gone above and beyond all legal process and we’re torturing people.”