David Guetta on Deadmau5 spat: ‘I don’t just show up and press play’

DJ responds to criticism from Deadmau5

David Guetta has defended himself from claims by rival dance act Deadmau5 that all he does when playing live is turn up and “press play”.

Guetta’s live show was criticised by DJ Deadmau5 for lacking skill and relying on pre-programmed music, stating that Guetta only needed “Two iPods and a mixer” to play his shows. “We all hit play,” he said.

However, Guetta has taken exception to the comments, and in a new interview with Vibe, says that every sound in his stage show has been made by him: ”For so many years I DJed in clubs and learned the hard way. The big DJs start by being bedroom producers and they have a hit and suddenly start playing in front of thousands of people,” he said, adding: “But the way I did it was by working six nights, playing eight hours sets every night. I’ve learned a lot about how to communicate with the crowd, so when my music crossed over that stayed. The connection with the people is what makes the difference for me.”


Guetta also claimed his job is different to that of a regular club DJ, stating: ”If you listen to a hip-hop DJ, he’s not playing his own music. It makes a huge difference. When I perform, everything you hear is me playing my own music. You’ll hear unreleased music; every record I play, I will edit and use parts of another record to make it unique. I’m not gonna play what you hear on the radio.”

It was claimed earlier this year that Guetta was working on a new album with Paris Hilton. His last studio album, 2011’s ‘Nothing But The Beat’, featured collaborations with Sia, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Jessie J and Snoop Dogg.