Deadmau5 slams ‘stupid fuck’ David Guetta for using live horses in nightclub appearance

Producer reacted angrily to footage filmed in Ibiza club Pacha

Deadmau5 has criticised David Guetta after footage of the French DJ perfoming while surrounded by live horses and dancers wearing Native American headdresses emerged online.

The footage, which can be seen below, was filmed at Pacha in Ibiza earlier this year at the opening night of Guetta’s ‘Fuck Me I’m Famous’ residency.

After seeing it for the first time yesterday, Deadmau5 took exception to what he perceived as animal cruelty and posted a series of tweets in which he labelled Guetta and the club owners as “stupid fucks” and described the DJ as “shitty” and “overpriced”.


See the original video and subsequent tweets below:


Guetta is the latest name to come under fire from Deadmau5 after the Canadian producer and DJ tackled a copyright issue when he sent a cease-and-desist letter to a musical inspired by his music.

Deadmouse: The Musical, a comedy about a mouse who aspires to be a house DJ but is discriminated against, was staged at the Toronto Fringe Festival earlier this month (July).

Tweeting about the production, the DJ and producer revealed his lawyer’s cease-and-desist letter and stated, “While I appreciate their intent, they really went about this the wrong way and don’t fully understand how this diminishes certain endeavours.”

However, the EDM musician’s anger appeared to vanish once organisers of the musical agreed to state clearly that their work is a parody. “The dead mouse musical debacle is settled,” he later added. “They have just put up a disclaimer and called it a parody. Moving along now.”

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