David Hasselhoff confirms new heavy metal track ‘Through The Night’

An unlikely new direction for The Hoff.

David Hasselhoff has teased an unlikely foray into heavy metal, after teaming up with Austrian duo CueStack.

The Baywatch and Knight Rider legend has been working with the pair on ‘Through The Night’ which, according to a new clip, sees The Hoff yelling: “Through the night / Through the night forever!”

But if fans really want to hear it, it seems they’ll have to fund a Kickstarter to finance a cinematic video for the track, as well as a making-of documentary.


“We made a metal song with David Hasselhoff called Through The Night,” CueStack wrote online.

“Now we need your support with finishing the epic music video and documentary, head over to our Kickstarter campaign to become an important part of this project today.

“The project started in 2018 and many demos were made, many meetings were held and what seemed like an impossible idea slowly turned into a reality. David finally recorded the track with us, CueStack, in 2019 in Vienna and we also shot a cinematic music video together.

“We financed the entire project by ourselves until now, to avoid giving up any creative freedom when it comes to the song and music video. The final mission: finishing the edit of the cinematic video that will accompany the song! With a limited budget and schedule, we had to shoot the entire video with David in just one day.


“That means we had to build much smaller versions of the sets we actually had in mind. To turn this dystopian retro sci-fi/cyberpunk vision into reality, a massive post-production effort is needed now, to extend these basic sets into cinematic, futuristic, living worlds!”

Hasselhoff first teased his foray into metal in 2019, telling German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur: “I’m doing some heavy metal songs on my new album. Why not? I do not have an album title yet, but it should read: Everything Is allowed. I do everything. Because I can. Because I want it.”

A release date for the collaboration is yet to be confirmed.