The DJ's prolific nature leads to two albums in as many months...

Northern Irish DJ and soundtrack arranger David Holmes is set to release a new mix album, ‘COME GET IT I GOT IT’ through his own 13 AMP label on March 25.

It will be the second major release from David Holmes this spring. His soundtrack album to accompany ’Ocean’s Eleven’, the Hollywood blockbuster starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, is released through Warners on February 11.

’Come And Get It’ is David Holmes second mix album, following the well-received ‘Essential Mix’ from 1998. Focusing on 60s and 70s funk and R& B, the tracks are stitched together by new tracks from David Holmes under his new guise as Free Assocation.


“My idea for the mix album was to introduce some new pieces of music, which would become Free Association, and to put them together with the stuff I love from the past and mix it in there so there’s a seamless groove,” David Holmes said. Steve Hilton, a former collaborator of David Arnold and recent Golden Globe winner Craig Armstrong, is David Holmes new partner in the Free Association project.

The tracklisting is as follows:


Rodriguez – ‘Sugarman’

Free Association – ‘Effectin”

Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford – ‘Nobody’


Muddy Waters – ‘Tom Cat’

The Johnny Otis Show – ‘Country Girl’

Rex Garvin – ‘Strange Happenings’

Harold Alexander – ‘Mama Soul’

Free Association – ‘Don’t Mess Hair’

Free Association – ‘Start Or Something’

Ray Bryant – ‘Up Above The Rock’

Cyril Neville – ‘Gossip’

A Fascinating Musical Experience – ‘The Monster’

JuJus – ‘Sweet Songs’

Betty Adams – ‘Make It Real (Ride On)’

The Staple Singers – ‘WHY (Am I Treated So Bad)’

Free Association – ‘This Could Be Your Sister’

Free Association – ‘Salut La Dolce Vita Pt 1’

Free Association – ‘House Music’

Johnny Jones And The King Casuals – ‘Purple Haze’

Free Association – ‘Salut La Dolce Vita Pt 2’

Valentin Mehlers – ‘Herbstpatte 69’

The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – ‘Stars And Rockets

Andre Perry – ‘Ode a l’affaire’

Free Association – ‘Sounds Phoney’

Free Association – ‘Don’t Believe A Word’

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