David Holmes returns with ‘Holy’ new album

DJ admits fourth LP has been a decade in the making

David Homes has announced his return with fourth solo album ‘The Holy Pictures’.

The DJ producer has revealed that although releasing his other albums in between, he actually started work in this record over ten years ago.

“The story of this album really began on the August 4, 1996, when my mother, Sarah Holmes, passed away,” he explained. “I had always wanted to make a record about my life in Belfast and all the things attached to that – family, friends, loss, love and starting a family of my own. All the stuff that shapes the person you become.”


The first single will be ‘I Heard Wonders’, with the full album released on September 8.

Meanwhile Holmes will be DJing at the The Big Chill (August 1-3), Green Man (August 15-17) and Electric Picnic (August 29-31) festival this summer.