Day6 (Even Of Day) say ‘Right Through Me’ will be a style they “haven’t tried before”

'Right Through Me' arrives in July

Day6 subunit Even Of Day – comprising Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon – have open up about what to expect from upcoming second mini-album, ‘Right Through Me’.

In a recently released promotional video for the forthcoming release, the three-piece unit discussed ‘Right Through Me’, with bassist Young K saying that the album posed an especially “big” challenge to him. “The album itself was new to me lyrics-wise,” he explained. “It’s in a style I haven’t tried before, something that I wouldn’t have tried.”

Meanwhile, keyboardist Wonpil described the album “something [they’ve] tried to write out of the box, compared to before”. He also added that the album didn’t have a universal theme, so the members had the opportunity to “just talk about what [they] always wanted”.


Dowoon, who’s the band’s drummer, said that the sound of the album seems to have gotten “bigger” as compared to their previous releases. He added that the upcoming album feels like a “deeper study” to him, noting that he is always learning with each Day6 release.


‘Right Through Me’ is scheduled for release in July and will feature a total of seven tracks, including the title track ‘뚫고 지나가요 (Going Through)’. The forthcoming EP will mark the Day6 subunit’s first comeback since their debut in August 2020 with ‘The Book of Us: Gluon – Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’.

Earlier this year, all five members of Day6 made their comeback with ‘The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up In Love’. The record featured the title track ‘You Make Me’, which subsequently made it to NME’s list of the best 15 K-pop songs of 2021 so far.