Day6’s Jae Park clarifies that he is still a member of the band

“I think I always will be in Day6”

Day6 guitarist and vocalist Jae Park has clarified that he still remains a member of the South Korean band.

In a recent Instagram live interview with ET Canada, where the Korean-American idol talked about his desire to work with 88rising’s keshi and NIKI, Park had discussed his plans on upcoming solo work in America. When asked if he would ever “go back” to Day6, Jae clarified that he was still a member of the band, and “always will be”.

“Oh, I’m still in Day6,” the singer said. “I think I always will be in Day6, to be completely honest with you.” Jae went on to explain that many of the members were currently “preoccupied with other business that they have.”


Earlier this year, Day6 leader Sungjin surprised fans by announcing that he was about to enlist for his mandatory military service while en-route to the military centre where he would start his service on the same day.

Additionally, bassist Young K has also enlisted and begun serving in the KATUSA, the Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army last month. This came shortly after the release of his debut solo EP ‘Eternal’.

“Once everyone is ready to go, I think that’s when Day6 are going to make a big splash back into the [music] industry,” assured Park. “But until then, I think I will be trying to do my part to keep Day6 relevant by making myself known.”

Last month, Jae held a tell-all Instagram Live session where he claimed that it was not his choice to take a break from the group. “I also want to make a couple things clear, like, for the work stuff, I was never the one who said I don’t want to perform,” Park alleged during the broadcast, as archived on YouTube.


“I was never the person who said I’m going to take a break. I’ve had that on my chest for a very long time,” revealed the singer.

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