Day6’s Wonpil makes solo debut with ‘Pilmography’

However, plans for Wonpil to promote the album have been postponed

Day6 member Wonpil has made his solo debut with the full-length album ‘Pilmography’.

The South Korean musician released the 10-track ‘Pilmography’ at 6pm KST today (February 7), alongside a music video for title track ‘Voiceless’. In a pre-recorded press event celebrating the release, Wonpil spoke about how he hoped the album would  “comfort and heal people, especially among times of trouble”, per Korea Herald.

“The title of my album ‘Pilmography’ is a [combined] term of my name and the term filmography, and I gave a little tweak by adding the letter ‘P’ from my name,” he said, adding that the record will be like the filmography of his life so far.


However, plans for Wonpil to promote the album have been postponed as the singer was recently in close contact with a COVID-19 positive case. JYP Entertainment shared that a staff member had been asymptomatic when he tested positive on the afternoon of February 6.

The agency added that Wonpil had tested negative with a self-test kit, and is currently waiting on an additional PCR test result. “At the moment, [Wonpil] has not shown any suspicious symptoms of infection, such as fever or respiratory sickness,” JYP Entertainment added. However, the musician has entered a one-week period of self-quarantine as a precaution.


With ‘Pilmography’, Wonpil has become the fourth Day6 member to go solo, after bassist Young K and drummer Dowoon, as well as former guitarist Jae Park. Wonpil is also part of the band’s sub-unit Day6 (Even of Day), alongside with the latter two members.


On December 31, JYP Entertainment announced that guitarist Jae Park would no longer be a part of the band following the end of his contract. “We exchanged deep conversations with Jae for a long time, and following careful discussion, we decided to respect the artist’s opinion and conclude our exclusive contract,” JYP Entertainment said

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