Day6’s Young K announces official military enlistment date

He will be dropping his first solo album ‘Eternal’ ahead of his enlistment

Day6’s Young K has confirmed that he will be commencing his mandatory military service in October.

During his V Live broadcast on August 16, the vocalist and bassist shared the details of his upcoming enlist. The announcement came shortly after JYP Entertainment had confirmed that very same day that the Day6 member was in the midst of preparing for his debut solo release.

“It’s only been two months since [Day6 (Even Of Day)] released our sub-unit album so why am I releasing a new album so soon? Many people are already aware of this, but it has come time for me to fulfil my national defence duties,” he said, per Soompi’s translation.


The singer went on to add that he will be leaving on October. “I’m working hard to prepare as fast as possible in order to show fans as much as I can before I go,” he told fans. “Let’s laugh and smile as much as we can. I wanted to show a good side of myself in order to make a lot of people happy.”

Young K also revealed that he had been accepted into KATUSA, the Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army. It is a branch of the Republic of Korea Army that is typically dispatched in small groups throughout the Eighth United States Army based in South Korea, thus requiring a high level of fluency in English.

Young K is expected to enlist in the military on October 12, according to Soompi.

Elsewhere during the broadcast, the Day6 member shared that his upcoming solo record will be titled ‘Eternal’. Further details regarding the release are expected in the coming weeks.

Young K will be the second Day6 member to enlist after leader and vocalist Sungjin, who enlisted in March this year. Sungjin made his enlistment announcement via a live broadcast while en route to the military training centre where he was to began his service the same day, taking fans by surprise.

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