De La Soul brand current hip-hop ‘redundant’ as they announce first new single in nine years

Trio hit out at the current state of music as they line-up a series of monthly track releases

De La Soul have announced plans to release a new monthly series of singles.

The trio will independently issue their first official song and video in nine years, ‘Get Away (feat. the spirit of Wu-Tang),’ in the coming weeks through YouTube and social media sites. They have yet to set an official release date for the single.

Maseo, the group’s DJ, told Rolling Stone: “I think it’s a great record to reintroduce ourselves with. It’s pretty much reflecting on the state of hip-hop at this moment. Everything is redundant. Everything sounds the same. No real lyrical content. Everybody’s just doing business, not really creating.”

He added: “I think putting out those singles would be more impressionable than dropping an album at this present day in music. It’s about trying to just creatively have a bunch of songs in the stable. You have to consider a lot from the administrative standpoint in the release of a project. I see the song that we’re putting out being the perfect B-side – with a video this time.”

Last month, they shot a video for the track, which samples a skit from the Wu-Tang Clan’s 1997 album ‘Wu-Tang Forever’. “It’s long overdue. Trust me, man, it disgusts me how long it takes for us to make a record,” Maseo added. “Out of all the time we take, we are always happy with the finished product.”

The last official album De La Soul released was 2004’s ‘The Grind Date’ and the last single they released off that album was ‘Rock Co.Kane Flow’. In 2009, they released a special seamless 45 minute running LP for Nike in 2009 entitled ‘Are You In?: Nike+Original Run’. They also collaborated with Gorillaz on their single ‘Feel Good Inc’, taken from their 2005 album ‘Demon Days’.