After three years away, the rap stalwarts are back at the double...

De La Soul are to make a comeback next year with the release of two new albums.

After a three-year pause in a nearly 15-year recording career following the breakdown of their record contract, the trio are now readying their return to the hip-hop scene.

“We’ve been in the studio completing two albums,” MC Posdnous said. “One is the third ‘Art Official Intelligence’ album, which is more of a tribute to the DJs, with only one or two songs with me and Dave and me rhyming. We didn’t want to cheat the public, though, so the other is a straight De La Soul album with us all over it.”


The rapper also spoke about the current state of the hip-hop scene, saying: “I think there are people who want to hear something that’s not so harsh, but they may not know about alternatives within rap.”

He told Rap News Direct: “When we came out, there was a whole selection to choose from: us, Public Enemy, [a][/a], Naughty By Nature, everything. And that’s what’s missing now. It’s just one style – street talk and partying, rather than that mix of thinking trying to get yourself right.”

He added: “I mean, it’s grown-man hip-hop that we’re doing. A lot of groups are doing that and want to give it to you, but people don’t know about it.”