The label which gave birth to De La Soul and House Of Pain re-releases classic albums from its back catalogue...

TOMMY BOY RECORDS, the original home of DE LA SOUL, HOUSE OF PAIN and the Godfather of Rap, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA is celebrating its 20th anniversary by re-releasing classic albums from its back catalogue.

The label was launched in 1981 with two 12″ singles, ‘Having Fun’

by Cotton Candy and ‘Jazzy Sensation’ by Afrika Bambaataa. Both singles did moderately and it wasn’t until the third release, ‘Planet Rock’ by Afrika Bambaataa that the imprint started to be viewed as a force.


Amonsgt the artists to see the their work re-released for the anniversary are Jonzun Crew, Stetsasonic, Force MD’s, Planet

Patrol, Digital Underground, De La Soul, Afrika Bambaataa and Queen Latifah.

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