Spotify forced to pull punk cover over binge drinking fears

Lounge cover of Dead Kennedy's 'Too Drunk To Fuck' had attracted complaints from pressure groups

Spotify have been forced to remove an advert which features a cover of the Dead Kennedys‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ over fears it would encourage binge drinking.

The streaming company had been running a series of banner advertisements, which directed users to a special ‘slowed down’ playlist as part of a campaign for the beer Kronenbourg 1664, with Madness‘s ‘Baggy Trousers’ and Motorhead‘s ‘Ace Of Spades’ among those ‘slowed down’.

One of the tracks used was the Dead Kennedys‘Too Drunk To Fuck’, which attracted a number of complaints to the independent regular The Portman Group. The complaints were then investigated and were found to be in breach of a rule which bans advertisers from “encouraging irresponsible or immoderate drinking”.

According to Digital Spy, David Poley, chief executive of the Portman Group, said of the complaint: “We were pleased that the company took immediate action to remove the track from the playlist as soon as the complaint was brought to its attention.”


The Dead Kennedys – pictured – have yet to comment on the track’s removal.