Deadmau5 slams his ‘fucking rushed’ new album: ‘I don’t even like it’

Canadian producer says he's putting out the album to pay his "mad fuckin bills".

Deadmau5 has admitted he isn’t a fan of his new album, branding it “so fucking rushed” and “slapped together”.

The Canadian producer – real name Joel Zimmerman – is preparing to drop new album ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’ on December 2. In a candid series of tweets posted on Saturday night (November 19), he told fans, “I don’t even like it.”

Asked by a fan why he is putting out the album if he doesn’t like it, Deadmau5 replied: “Coz I got mad fuckin bills.”

“This is seriously a love/hate thing happening here. But, a thing, nonetheless. and it’s good to be doing things,” he continued.

He then suggested he is not entirely keen on any of his recent albums, tweeting: “Maybe it’s time… to just sit down, and work on this fabled “album i like” thing ive been wanting to do for the past 10 years.”

‘W:/2016ALBUM/’, home to the singles ‘Let Go’ and ‘4ware’, is Deadmau5’s eighth studio album. He released his debut studio album ‘Get Scraped’ in 2005. His biggest UK hit to date remains 2008’s ‘Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff, which peaked at Number 12.

Over the summer, he showed his skills by recreating the soundtrack to Stranger Things from scratch using analogue synths.