Deadmau5 launches new tracks ‘Bad At Titles’ and ‘Snowcone’ – listen

The eared DJ continues his drip-feed of new tracks

Deadmau5 has uploaded two new tracks to his SoundCloud, entitled ‘Bad At Titles’ and ‘Snowcone’.

‘Bad At Titles’ is a nine-minute epic featuring Attlas, who is signed to the DJ’s Mau5trap label, and took part in the recent Mau5hax bus tour, where the pair worked on a mobile studio.

Deadmau5 recently tweeted that he’s in the studio with Attlas again, “working on some techno stuff… fucking around.”


Listen to the pair’s collaboration below:

Deadmau5 has also thrown out a few beats of his own, in the form of a shorter, downtempo effort ‘Snowcone’, listen below:

Deadmau5 has also joined Apple’s Beats1 radio, where he takes a regular Friday night dance slot. The show is titled ‘Mau5trap Presents’.

He recently apologised for being “a dick” and deleted his social media accounts, revealing a struggle with depression. He has since reactivated his accounts, following a number of social media run ins.


In a Tumblr post, the EDM producer wrote: “Like many other human beings, I’ve been dealing with some depression issues that I don’t need to go into detail with.”

“I’d consider myself far from emotionally stable, though, not unstable enough to know support when i see it. Deactivating social media for a minute has nothing at all to do with popstars or dubstep tryhards. It was a kneejerk reaction to something i saw coming a long time ago. Also, nobody’s business but my own.”

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